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10 Must Have Tech Accessories for Your Next Cruise Vacation

The prospect of going on a cruise to explore other parts of the world and relax poolside while reading your favourite book is exciting. Packing and preparing for a cruise, on the other hand, can be stressful—especially if you don’t know what to bring with you. Making a list of important cruise items can alleviate some of that stress, but deciding what you absolutely need and what you don’t is the hard part. With that in mind, here are a few noteworthy cruise vacation tech gadgets that are absolute must-haves during your travels.

cruise vacation tech gadgets

1. Waterproof Phone Cases

Whether you’re traveling solo or with one or two companions, it pays to have multiple waterproof phone cases on hand. After all, you’re constantly going to be surrounding by water while on your cruise. Whether you’re sitting poolside catching some rays or hanging out on deck taking selfies with your friends, you need to protect your phone. It’s most likely going to serve as your alarm clock, camera, and communication device to help you stay connected to social media and your loved ones back home.

2. Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Wireless Bluetooth headphones come in handy when you’re traveling mostly because you don’t have to worry about keeping their cords wrapped up when you pack them away for traveling. They’re easy to use, convenient, and they can connect to pretty much any Bluetooth device. These headphones are extremely compact and they only take a few minutes to reach a full charge that’ll last for hours on end. You can even charge them overnight while you’re asleep and use them the next day!

3. Selfie Stick or a Flexible Tripod

As super cheesy and touristy as they look, selfie sticks and tripods are actually very useful when you’re out and about with a bunch of your friends and family trying to take the perfect fun photo. Normally, you’d need at least one person to take the picture while everyone else gets to do all of the fun poses in front of the historical landmarks. Selfie sticks and flexible tripods are the solution to this problem. Even if you’re traveling alone, the selfie stick is still the ideal solution because you can take pictures from every possible angle without having to stop strangers on the street to take pictures for you. It’s also incredibly compact and can be folded up to fit within your purse or luggage.

4. Waterproof Camera

Most travelers these days tend to just use their phones as their cameras, which makes sense since you can just upload everything to the cloud and then post your pictures directly onto social media once you get a Wi-Fi connection. But, if you want to save your phone battery for other things like contacting your friends and family back home, then you might want to consider bringing a waterproof disposable camera with you as well. They’re reusable, affordable, and compact which means you can probably afford to bring more than one on your cruise.

5. On-the-Go Charging Station

Regardless of whether you’re traveling alone or with a group of people, the chances are pretty high that you’re going to have multiple devices with you that need to be charged at the same time. From mobile devices to wireless headphones and tablets as well as e-readers, the list of travel gadgets people bring with them on a cruise is endless. That’s why it pays to have a state-of-the-art multiport charging station that’s capable of charging all of your devices at the same time without diminishing the amount of power each device receives. The Charge M.E. from Ohming Technology can charge up to eight devices simultaneously and it supports both legacy and brand-new models.

6. Language Translator

Occasionally, when you’re on a cruise ship, you’ll be afforded the opportunity to get off at different ports and do some exploring either with a guided group or on your own. If you decide to take a solo adventure, then it’s worthwhile to have a language translating app or device with you if you don’t speak the local tongue. Even if you have a working knowledge of the local language, some linguistic structures are so complex that different words can have different meanings depending on the context in which they’re used. Having a language translating device or app handy can help you circumvent some of the language barriers you’ll most likely face.

7. Clip-On Phone Camera Lenses

Clip-on phone camera lenses allow you to take high-definition pictures on your phone! Rather than bringing a heavy DSLR camera with you everywhere you go, you can have a miniature version of it attached directly to your phone throughout your entire trip. They’re lightweight, portable, and compatible with pretty much any device including Androids and Apple phones.

8. Travel Steam Iron

Want to keep your clothes crisp and fresh without having to constantly launder them on the cruise? One of the most useful tech accessories for your cruise trip is a travel steam iron. Clothes can get wrinkled and develop a musty odor from being packed away in suitcases for long periods of time while you travel. Steaming your clothes as soon as you unpack them from your luggage can help keep them fresh for the remainder of your cruise trip.

9. Travel Drone

Drones are cool, plain and simple. They can fly high above head and you can control them with a remote control to help you capture some awesome aerial shots of your entire cruise ship and the ocean ahead. Although, their batteries only last for a few minutes, so you might want to be careful how long you use them!

10. Travel Power Adapter or Converter

No matter where you go in the world, it’s always a good idea to have a travel power adapter on hand—especially on international cruise ships. You never know when you might need one, so it’s better to just be prepared and bring one with you at all times.

Looking for excellent high-tech gadgets for your next cruise? Based out of Boynton Beach, Florida, Ohming Technology is a family owned and operated technology business. Our Charge M.E. is an innovative multiport portable charging device that’s perfect for home and vacation use. It’s compatible with new USB-C ports and it can connect to legacy and modern devices alike. Shop online today or contact us to learn more about our products!

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Paul Romanenko

Paul Romanenko

Paul Romanenko is CEO of Ohming Technology LLC. His entrepreneurial spirit utilizes his technology and customer service background to create devices which complement the use of modern technology.Paul’s innovative products have led him to file several patents with the United States Patent Office. Their unique features allow for mobile devices such as tablets, smart phones, and other items utilizing USB power to charge their battery without the use of additional software. Paul’s device can also be used as a powered USB hub while simultaneously charging via dedicated power ports.His vision to change the landscape of where technology is used is not only Paul’s passion but the driving force behind Ohming Technology.