How USB Charging Cables Impact a Mobile Device’s Battery Ohming Technology 2017-11-26 23:35:26 Blog

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How USB Charging Cables Impact a Mobile Device’s Battery

There can be many reasons why your phone or mobile device isn’t charging as quickly or as effectively as you believe it should be. The battery itself may be the issue, or what is more regularly the case is that there is a problem with the charger. One other possibility[…]

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Ohming Technology Weighs in on Studies of Smartphone Usage in Schools

Ohming Technology (, a company that develops products that make it convenient to charge multiple devices simultaneously, is weighing in on studies of smartphone usage in schools. Two professors from Boston College, Vincent Cho and Joshua Litteberg-Tobias, ran surveys in a local high school to determine the effectiveness of smartphones[…]

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Helping Customers Keep Their Phones Charged on the Go

We’ve reached the point now where we have to acknowledge our dependency on cellphones and mobile devices. They have become central in most of our lives and not just for personal communication. We use our mobile devices to browse the Internet, to share files, conduct business, and so much more.[…]

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