Ohming Technology Weighs in on Bank of America Using Smartphone Swipes for Payments Ohming Technology 2016-06-27 03:36:16 Press

Ohming Technology


Ohming Technology Weighs in on America’s Growing Mobile Data Usage

Boynton Beach, FL, June 13, 2016 – Ohming Technology, (www.ohming.com), a company that makes it more convenient to charge multiple devices simultaneously, is weighing in on America’s growing mobile data usage. Network equipment maker Ericsson recently released a report showing that worldwide data usage increased by 60% in the first[…]

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Why You Should Have Your Own Multi-Device Charging Station at the Airport?

Multi-Device Charging Problems Faced by Passengers at Airports Thousands and thousands of passengers pass through airports each and every day across the country. Approximately 70% of those travelers have cell phones, which is a huge number that needs to be accommodated. Unfortunately, most airports are not equipped at all to[…]

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