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What Are the Different Types of Mobile Chargers

Keeping your cellphone charged is hard enough. Thankfully, there are a number of different types of mobile chargers that allow users to keep their devices charged in a number of different situations. And with the type of lifestyle many of us have adopted, keeping our mobile devices charged is top[…]

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How Amperage Impacts Battery Charge

This is a fairly technical question, so we’ll do our best to keep it as simple as possible. Before even getting to the voltage, the first thing to note is that the type of charger you use does matter. You may ask yourself, “Can I use a charger with higher[…]

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Mobile Charging Station for an Event Booth

It’s reached the point where it’s nearly impossible now to go anywhere without a smartphone. At business conferences and tradeshows in particular, people use their smartphones for more than just casual conversations. For that reason and more, it’s a must that you have a multiple-device charger at your booth. Not[…]

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Tips and Myths About Your Battery

I think we’ve all heard rumors about not being able to charge phones overnight without damaging the battery. Or that leaving a laptop constantly plugged in does the same. There are so many truths, half truths, and straight up myths about how your battery charges and what does and doesn’t[…]

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