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6 Wedding Technology Trends for 2017

Innovation in technology hasn’t just been limited to businesses and gadgets. Contemporary wedding trends are seeing traditional ceremonies turned on their head with the use of some pretty cool devices. So long as you are a willing couple who isn’t afraid to try new things, a high-tech wedding might be[…]

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Why You Should Use a Multipurpose USB Charger over a Wireless Charger

In a world that is increasingly gone wireless, it’s almost odd that it has taken this long for wireless charging to become a thing in the consumer market. While there are certain conveniences to charging mobile devices wirelessly, the technology hasn’t quite matched the efficiency and effectiveness of multiport USB[…]

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Top 6 Gifts for Restaurant Owners to Help Improve Their Business

By now you’ve started thinking about which gifts you’ll be purchasing for your friends and family. It’s not always easy to find the perfect gift that suits their personality, not to mention meets their wants and needs. However, for those friends and family that are restaurant owners, we’ve come up[…]

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