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How to Charge Your Cellphone without Software Installations

Smartphone users around the world are plagued by the responsibility to download software whenever they opt to charge their device on a computer. This can be annoyingly time-consuming as well as inconvenient since it can take up additional hard drive space on your laptop. If the user fails to download[…]

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7 High-Tech Conference Room Equipment You Must Have in 2017

Technology has transformed fairly routine workplace events into dynamic occasions. One of those events is meetings, which are typically dreaded by many employees. While people’s impressions of meetings may not have changed that much, high-tech conference room equipment has at least added some spark to these engagements. Today, a conference[…]

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5 Common iPhone Charging Mistakes Everyone Is Making

People love their iPhones, there’s no doubt about that. As far as smartphones go, they are certainly the most popular. Although there are a few other brands out there that are plenty capable, just as innovative, and possibly have sleeker designs, the iPhone has captured the imagination of this generation[…]

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