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Why You Shouldn’t Use Cheap USB Chargers

Keeping our cellphones charged is an issue we all have to deal with. Whether we are at work or at home or somewhere in between, charging our cellphone is a nagging task. To find ways around this problem, many of us use alternative chargers, such as the ones that did[…]

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Improve Restaurant Revenue Using a Charging Caddy

The two most common questions for today’s generation are: “What’s the Wi-Fi password?” and “Do you have a charger?” If you have a restaurant, then having the answers to both of these questions will make your place the next hot-spot. Millennials are no longer the only ones with a mobile[…]

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What Charger Should I Use for My Mobile Devices?

As mobile devices become more and more popular, methods of charging them continue to multiply. Gone are the days where you’d just plug your cellphone into you wall charger and wait for it to hit 100%. Now, there are various ways to charge mobile devices, from wall chargers to connecting[…]

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