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Does the Voltage of Your Mobile Charger Matter?

Chances are you probably have a ton of phone, tablet, and laptop chargers that you’ve collected over the years just laying around your home. We’ve all heard horror stories of devices exploding when using the wrong charger, so how can you tell which charger is safe to use with each[…]

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How to Make Your Mobile Device’s Battery Last Longer

It’s a constant struggle trying to keep our mobile devices fully charged when we need them the most. Most smartphones run through a full battery cycle before the day is over, which can leave you in potentially dangerous situations. Some people carry an extra battery around with them to prevent[…]

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Why Your Bar Should Have a Multiport USB Charging Hub

It’s likely that we, as a society, have never been more social than we are today. What makes this era unique is that we are not only social with those directly around us, as our mobile devices allow us to partake in conversations from around the world. So even as[…]

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Cellphone Charging Options in Restaurants

Wall chargers and USB-powered hubs are ideal for charging mobile devices at home, but what are your options when you’re out and about? Smartphones almost always die before we’d like them to, which can sometimes leave us in tough situations; that’s why most people travel with their chargers in tow,[…]

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