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Why Should Banquet Halls Have Mobile Charging Solutions?

Having a cellphone charging station at your banquet hall can provide guests with an added convenience they need to push their experience over the top. Not many people leave home without their smartphone or tablet in hand, and with the increasing popularity of Snapchat and live streams, more and more[…]

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Cellphone Charging Trends

Cellphone batteries that die way faster than we’d like them to is the ultimate First World problem. People have come to depend on their smartphones for everything, including organizing their schedule, responding to important work e-mails, keeping in touch with family, and even finding directions. Individuals have been left in[…]

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How Using USB Chargers in Your Restaurant Can Help with Word-of-Mouth Advertising

There are many ways to advertise your restaurant—social media, radio commercials, TV commercials, word-of-mouth advertisement. But which is the most effective, and valuable? Social media campaigns and commercials can be pricey investments, and they don’t always guarantee a return. Word-of-mouth advertisement, on the other hand, is invaluable. Its free and[…]

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