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Why Should Your Emergency Kit Have a Personalized Charging Caddy?

The trouble with emergencies is they never occur at a predictable date or time. While it’s easy to end up being caught off-guard, taking the time to create or update your current emergency kit means you’re prepared if worst comes to worst. Among other items, every emergency kit should include[…]

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How to Pick the Best USB Charger for Your Traveling Plans

Why You Need a Portable Charger when Traveling Portable chargers have become a travel necessity—but why? It’s become apparent that not many people can function well without their cellphone, tablet, or compute nearby, so it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that portable USB chargers have become extremely popular[…]

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Why a Portable Charger Is the Perfect Gift

As the holiday season approaches, you may be getting your list ready, deciding on what to buy for your family and friends. It’s always a struggle to find the perfect gift—especially that one person who seems to always return or exchange your gift for something else. This year, your holiday[…]

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