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Is It Bad to Leave Your Phone Charging All Night?

Nowadays, mobile devices are the main source of communication. Considering the fact that our modern mobile devices serve countless different purposes, it’s almost like they’re an extension of our own personalities. For that very reason, many people have a hard time parting with their cellphones and there’s always that sense[…]

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4 Common Charging Myths You Need to Know

The concept of charging your phone—or any other technological device, for that matter—should be fairly simple. You just connect your phone and plug to a wall outlet and let it do its thing. However, there are a lot of myths and misrepresented facts circulating the Internet lately regarding how charging[…]

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Reasons Why Your Phone Dying Can Be Extremely Inconvenient

Modern technological advancements have made it possible for people to use their mobile devices pretty much anywhere and everywhere in any capacity imaginable. It’s now possible to purchase movie tickets, pay for bus fares, pay bills, take pictures, listen to music, and even navigate entire routes all on your mobile[…]

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