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Why You Need Multiport USB Chargers for Your Smart Speakers

The smart speaker trend is on the rise and it’s estimated that by the year 2022, approximately 55% of households throughout the United States will have them installed. This projection isn’t entirely surprising given the immensely successful efforts put forth by technological moguls, Amazon and Google. While there’s no denying[…]

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Why Gyms Need Cellphone Charging Stations

Anyone who works out regularly at a local gym has probably experienced the frustration of having their phone die on them in the middle of a high intensity workout at one point or another. While you shouldn’t necessarily rely entirely on your phone to facilitate your exercise regimen, a lot[…]

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Why You Need a Wooden Charging Station to Organize Your Devices

It can be extremely challenging to maintain a sense of organization and balance in your personal and professional life without the right tools at your disposal. If you find yourself constantly living in a state of disarray with cords, papers, keys, and other paraphernalia obstructing your ability to focus on[…]

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