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Benefits of Taking a Multiport Charger on a Cruise

The last thing you want to have to worry about while you’re on a luxurious cruise is how to keep your phone sufficiently charged at all times. These days, the only people who actually take cameras with them on a trip are professional photographers. The rest of us tend to rely solely on our mobile devices to capture the memorable moments from our trip and for that reason alone, you need to make sure that your phone is always fully charged. Whether you happen to be traveling with a group of people or just one other person, the best way to make sure that everyone’s phone stays fully charged throughout the entire trip is to bring along a state-of-the-art multiport USB charger. This device is capable of charging more than one device at a time, which means your laptop, tablet, and e-reader are also fair game.

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One Charger for All Your Gadgets

Unless you’ve booked an extremely expensive cruise accommodation, most cabins typically only come equipped with a limited number of outlets to charge your devices. That means that you have to find crafty ways to charge them all at once or strategically charge them one at a time. You can completely eliminate the stress of trying to find the right way to charge all of your devices as well as those of the people you’re sharing the room with by simply bringing along a multiport USB charger that’s capable of charging a wide range. From cellphones to laptops, tablets, and everything in between, having a high-end charger on a cruise that does it all is one of the smartest choices you’ll make on this trip.

Stay Connected with the Outside World

Of course, by this we mean strictly the Internet. Most cruises now come with an exclusive Wi-Fi connection for their guests and there’s no way you’ll want to miss any opportunities to post all of your latest photos, videos, and other updates from your trip on social media. Keeping your devices fully charged at all times means that you can share your adventures in real-time without having to worry about eating up your battery life.

No More Struggling to Find an Outlet

Another major benefit of bringing multiport chargers on your cruise with you is that it puts an end to your struggle to find outlets to charge your devices while you’re out and about or in a part of the ship that’s not your room. Whether you’re relaxing poolside or out exploring the new country you’re in, you can count on all of your devices to help you capture each awesome moment of your trip.

If you’re planning on going on a cruise any time soon, then Ohming Technology has the perfect device for you! Our Charge M.E. has the capacity to charge numerous devices all at once so that you and your friends or family members don’t have to worry about depleted batteries. To learn more about our products, please feel free to contact us or shop online.

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Paul Romanenko

Paul Romanenko

Paul Romanenko is CEO of Ohming Technology LLC. His entrepreneurial spirit utilizes his technology and customer service background to create devices which complement the use of modern technology.Paul’s innovative products have led him to file several patents with the United States Patent Office. Their unique features allow for mobile devices such as tablets, smart phones, and other items utilizing USB power to charge their battery without the use of additional software. Paul’s device can also be used as a powered USB hub while simultaneously charging via dedicated power ports.His vision to change the landscape of where technology is used is not only Paul’s passion but the driving force behind Ohming Technology.