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How to Choose an Ideal Multiple Tablet Charger

Let’s face it, we have to deal with the fact that this generation and those to come will depend on their cellphones and tablets for just about everything. From business to leisure and, of course, communication, mobile devices are front and center at our lives. And to keep up with[…]

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GizmoFusion Reviews Ohming’s Multiport USB Charger

Check out this exceptional review of Ohming Technology’s Multiport USB Charger, courtesy of GizmoFusion: The Ohming Technology Charge M.E. is a premium multi device charger and USB 3.0 hub. It has a premium yet slightly industrial feel to it all the way down to the packaging. The box it comes[…]

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Can the Latest Technology Increase Revenue at Sports Bars

The very purpose of technology is to make a process more efficient or more productive. Businesses implement different technologies for this very reason, and sports bars are one of the businesses that can see a direct relation to increased revenue from its use of technology. Everything from taking orders to[…]

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Multiport USB Charging Station for Dental Clinics

To be frank, dental offices are usually places where patients and their families feel a lot of anxiety. Children, in particular, have a natural disdain for dentists and having to sit in the waiting room for potentially long periods of time doesn’t make things any easier. For family members who[…]

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Cellphone Charging Station for Coworking Spaces

Coworking spaces allow for multiple businesses to operate in a single space. This is a dream come true for startups looking to keep costs down. They get many of the same resources of a standard office without having to pay standard office rental prices. That’s a win-win for everyone. Benefits[…]

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Keep Your Pokémon Go Players Charged with the Charging Caddy

You can’t go anywhere without hearing about Pokémon Go. Kids and adults alike are venturing around their respective cities with their phones out looking to capture these allusive pocket monsters. As popular as Pokémon Go has become with gamers, business owners have been taking advantage of this opportunity as well.[…]

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Introducing the One-of-a-Kind Charging Caddy, by Ohming Technology

In today’s on-the-go society, it’s not unreasonable to think that almost everyone who leaves their home is carrying some kind of mobile device. Smartphones, in particular, have become essential to our lives, and we’ve come to depend on them to perform numerous actions, for both work and leisure, throughout the[…]

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