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Why You Should Own a USB Powered Hub

In working environments, using multiple electronic devices is a part of everyday life, making the need for a USB powered hub a necessity. Typically, PC users settle for a USB powered hub that draws their energy from the USB port itself. This, however, is not the most effective means of[…]

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The Benefits of Charging Stations on College Campuses

The college year is well on its way and students are back in the swing of courses. Groups of students are filling campuses around the country, and students are moving back and forth from classes, tutorials, intramural activities, and everything else they can think of to pass the time. Being[…]

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The Importance of Choosing the Right Portable Charger

There’s always so much excitement around the release of a new smart device. This most recent round of attention goes to Apple, who released upgrades of their signature items with the iPhone 6s and the iPad Pro. Of course, critics and Apple fanatics alike weighed in on the merits of[…]

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The Commercial Appeal of USB Charging Stations

In this day and age, we’re accustomed to living life on the go. This generation and the generations to follow have made being constantly plugged in the new norm. With that norm comes the need to keep mobile devices charged so they can keep up with this present-moment-focused lifestyle. One[…]

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Charge M.E. — A Multi-Tasking Device for All Your Gadgets

It’s not a stretch to say that almost everyone in North America has a cell phone or some type of mobile device. Mobile devices have become our primary modes of entertainment as well as communication—which is essential to any business. The educational system is finally catching up to technology and[…]

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Charging Mobile Devices On-the-Go and in the Office

Can you picture yourself—on hands and knees—ducking underneath your work desk while fiddling with your iPhone, iPad and tablet chargers before finally fitting them into the correct sockets? Now repeat that incident, twice a day, every day while you’re at work…it can become pretty annoying. There has to be a[…]

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Multitasking Made Easy—Benefits of the Multi-Port USB

Whether you’re at your home, inside your office, or sitting at a Starbucks trying to finish a report before a deadline—multitasking seems to have become the new norm. It used to be that people could only brag about their ability to multitask. Now employers expect you to be able to[…]

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Charge M.E Great For Travel and Vacationing

There’s always a lot to look forward to in the summer, but one sure thing most people anticipate is the travel and vacationing. Even in sun-filled Florida, residents look to get away to meet with family or close friends, to travel abroad, or just to get outside of the state for[…]

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