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Benefits of Taking a Multiport Charger on a Cruise

The last thing you want to have to worry about while you’re on a luxurious cruise is how to keep your phone sufficiently charged at all times. These days, the only people who actually take cameras with them on a trip are professional photographers. The rest of us tend to[…]

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The Top 6 Must-Have Technologies for Bars and Restaurants in 2018 & 2019

The food and alcohol service industry has never been more tech-savvy than it currently is. Modern advancements mean shorter waiting times, streamlined service, and a much higher revenue. By incorporating all of the latest high-end technologies such as multi-device charging stations into your business practices, you can accomplish all of[…]

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Why You Should Get a USB Charger for Your Wireless Router

Since its inception in the early to mid-1990s, there’s no denying that the Internet has infiltrated almost every aspect of our personal and professional lives. Everywhere you look nowadays, people have smartphones and other devices that are all equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity. The invention of wireless routers made all of[…]

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The Benefits and Uses of USB Cables

As you might already know, USB stands for Universal Serial Bus. The reason for this name is that USB cables quite literally act as a transportation system of sorts when it comes to compiling, storing, and transmitting certain types of data from one device to another. Whether you’re using them[…]

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9 Trending Home and Office Gadgets in 2018

As time goes on, our technological devices will continue to shrink in size, but their portability and their capacity to hold more data than previously imaginable while also performing a wide range of different functions at high speeds is constantly increasing. The biggest brands in the tech industry are always[…]

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How Does Fast Charging Work?

Fast charging is an essential feature that most modern mobile devices have and it’s swiftly taking over the rest of the technological world as well. In fact, you might not even realize that your new smartphone even has fast charging capabilities until you’re in a bind and actually need to[…]

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Choosing the Right Charger and Power for Your Gadgets

Finding the right charger that’s compatible with all of your devices can be challenging, especially if you don’t know much about how technology works. Luckily, you don’t necessarily have to be a technological guru to figure out which chargers will work best for your devices. In reality, all you have[…]

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Why You Need Multiport USB Chargers for Your Smart Speakers

The smart speaker trend is on the rise and it’s estimated that by the year 2022, approximately 55% of households throughout the United States will have them installed. This projection isn’t entirely surprising given the immensely successful efforts put forth by technological moguls, Amazon and Google. While there’s no denying[…]

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Why Gyms Need Cellphone Charging Stations

Anyone who works out regularly at a local gym has probably experienced the frustration of having their phone die on them in the middle of a high intensity workout at one point or another. While you shouldn’t necessarily rely entirely on your phone to facilitate your exercise regimen, a lot[…]

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