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What are the safety warnings and features for the Charge M.E.?

The power light on the Charge M.E. indicates when the unit is currently receiving power The power supply is manufactured in accordance with USA standards. The Charge M.E. itself is manufactured and assembled in the USA in accordance to the same standards. As with any electronic device that is charging,[…]

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10 Must Have Tech Accessories for Your Next Cruise Vacation

The prospect of going on a cruise to explore other parts of the world and relax poolside while reading your favourite book is exciting. Packing and preparing for a cruise, on the other hand, can be stressful—especially if you don’t know what to bring with you. Making a list of[…]

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Dos and Don’ts When Charging Your Device

Despite all of the technological advancements and information available at our fingertips these days, there are still many cellphone usage practices that tend to elude the average consumer. You might find yourself asking whether or not charging your device overnight will damage its internal mechanisms. Or if using an off-brand[…]

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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Portable Charger

As technology continues to evolve, portability has become more important in our daily lives than ever. Consumers revel in the fact that they can carry their digital devices with them everywhere they go because of the increased accessibility and availability of information right at their fingertips. On top of that,[…]

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How a Phone Charging Station Can Change Your Life and Your Business

Mobile devices are pretty much everywhere these days—tablets, phones, laptops, and even wireless headphones have taken over the world. The tech industry is booming and new products are constantly being released to supplement the increasing demand. Sometimes, it seems like it’s happening at the speed of lightening. This growth is[…]

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Everything You Need to Know about USBs

Did you know that the USB charger you are currently using to charge your technological devices can have either a positive or negative impact on the functionality and longevity of your battery? Tech savvy individuals will generally advise that you should only use the cables and plugs that come with[…]

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