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Dos and Don’ts When Charging Your Device

Despite all of the technological advancements and information available at our fingertips these days, there are still many cellphone usage practices that tend to elude the average consumer. You might find yourself asking whether or not charging your device overnight will damage its internal mechanisms. Or if using an off-brand charger is safe. These are perfectly valid questions in the name of preserving your device’s battery life, optimal functionality, and your own personal safety while using it.

With that in mind, here are some useful cellphone charging dos and don’ts that you should keep in mind the next time you decide to plug in your device.


Cellphone Charging Dos

Always Look into the Charger Specifications

Before buying a new charger, always look at the specifications on the packaging. It’s important to make sure that the charger, even if it’s not the same brand as your phone, is made of high-quality materials and compatible with your device. Otherwise, you could risk overcharging, undercharging, or damaging your device and putting your safety at risk.

Perform Regular App and Software Updates

Updates guarantee that your apps and device are functioning at their full capacity and potential. Failing to implement updates whenever they become available could actually slow down your device’s functionality, causing it to lag or omit important components. In some cases, not updating your device could mean that you’re missing out on some important new features. Updates are also important to the long-term health and safety of your device because they usually include new security features that prevent hackers from gaining access to your information.

Since hackers are very clever and are constantly creating or discovering new avenues to circumvent your phone’s security measures, software developers are always trying to stay at least one step ahead of potential cybersecurity threats. Updating your phone regularly is a good way to prevent hackers from accessing your sensitive information.

Allow Complete Charging Cycles

To maintain a stronger and longer lasting battery life that sustains you through your daily device usage needs, you should allow your phone to charge fully. This way, you won’t have to worry about having to charge it throughout the day. Modern smartphones typically contain lithium ion batteries which are capable of sustaining a long lasting battery life and are virtually impossible to overcharge. Internal circuits sense when the device has reached a complete charge and will prevent additional electric currents from entering.

Maintain Optimal Temperatures for Your Devices

Moderating the internal and external temperature isn’t always within your control. Sometimes, environmental factors like weather conditions and your location prevent you from being able to keep your device safe. Frigid temperatures can cause your device to freeze up internally and slow down its overall functionality. Extreme heat, on the other hand, can cause the device to go into overdrive and potentially catch fire or electrocute you.

Manually Adjust Mobile Settings to Optimize Battery Life

Just like apps, certain factory settings can actually eat away at your device’s battery life. You have the option of manually changing these settings to suit your needs. Location settings, Bluetooth connections, Wi-Fi, and GPS all consume battery life, even when you’re not directly using them.

Turning off these settings rather than leaving them idle in the background can help save your battery life. Only use them when you need them and turn them off when you don’t. Additionally, playing around with your app settings and turning off push notifications can also help preserve your battery life longer.

Adhere to All Safety Warnings

While there are a few general rules of thumb that you should follow when it comes to charging your device, the best thing you can do is to read the safety warnings that come with your mobile phone. Remember that with each new device, safety and security measures are evolving constantly. So it’s important that you understand how to safely use your device to avoid damaging it or causing injury to yourself and others.

Cellphone Charging Don’ts

Don’t Leave Your Phone Plugged into the Car Charger Too Long

Charging your phone in your car for long periods of time has negative repercussions for your device and your vehicle. As you may have guessed, the only power source in your car is the car battery, which means that frequently charging your phone in your car while driving could actually cause the car battery to drain faster and even hinder your vehicle’s performance. This is particularly true for older vehicles that aren’t equipped to handle phone charging.

Alternatively, it could also damage your phone’s battery. Since the current being received from your car battery isn’t all that strong, your device will take a lot longer to charge and it likely won’t hold a charge for very long. Unless you’re absolutely desperate, it’s better to avoid charging your phone in your car altogether.

Avoid Using Your Phone while It’s Charging

Is it safe to use your phone while it’s charging? Well, yes and no. It depends on the type of charger you’re using, to be honest. If you’re using a low-quality cheap off-brand charger, then no, it’s not safe to use your phone while it’s charging. You shouldn’t be using a charger like that, anyway.

However, if you’re using the charger that your phone came with or a high-quality one that can sustain a good charging speed and electrical current, then you shouldn’t have any issues with this.

Avoid Charging Your Phone in Wet or Damp Conditions

You would think this would be a given considering that electricity and water don’t exactly mix. But, you’d be surprised how many people have been seriously injured or killed as a result of charging their phones and using them while they were taking a bath or doing something else that involves water.

While most devices nowadays are water resistant, that doesn’t mean they’re completely waterproof (there’s a major difference). It’s best to just try not to let your device come into contact with water at all for your own safety and the safety of those around you.

For more cellphone charging tips or tips on improving your battery life, feel free to read through Ohming Technology’s other blog posts. Our top priority is to help consumers such as you make informed decisions when it comes to purchasing and taking care of technological devices. Based in Boynton Beach, Florida, we’ve crafted two state-of-the-art multiport USB chargers that are designed for commercial and personal use: The Charge M.E. and The Charging Caddy. Contact us today to learn more about our products!

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