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Everything You Need to Know about USBs

Did you know that the USB charger you are currently using to charge your technological devices can have either a positive or negative impact on the functionality and longevity of your battery? Tech savvy individuals will generally advise that you should only use the cables and plugs that come with your devices to charge them as these were designed and constructed by the same manufacturers. While this is perfectly logical advice, it’s not always feasible. Chargers get lost, stolen, or even damaged and that means at some point they have to be replaced. Currently, the most commonly used chargers are Type C because they have higher capacities to transfer data, charge devices at faster speeds, and they can support a wide variety of devices.

USB charger

For uninformed consumers, replacing chargers can be a nightmare because the brand-name ones that come with their devices are often more expensive than the cheaply manufactured off-brand ones that are on the market. Don’t be tempted to purchase off-brand USB cables just because they’re cheaper as they could damage your devices and are potentially dangerous.

Type C USB Chargers

In a previous article, we discussed the merits of Type C USB chargers in great detail. To sum it all up, Type C chargers are a vast improvement on their predecessors, Type A and B. They offer faster charging times for your devices, there’s less guesswork in the correct way to connect them to devices, they offer multidirectional data transfers from one device to another, and they’re much more durable.

Previous generations of USB chargers left a lot of consumers frustrated due to the fact that they’d often have to fumble to figure out the correct way to plug them in. You’ve probably experienced that frustration yourself as you aggressively try to jam the plug in one way and then the other multiple times until it finally goes in. Type C chargers are the industry’s solution to this problem and they’ve grown a great deal in popularity over the past year as more and more manufacturers and tech companies are implementing them in their interfaces.

USB 3.0

Technology seems to be changing at the speed of lightning these days with new devices being developed and released constantly. That means the charging cables that come with these devices also need to be remodeled to support the new demands and higher data transfers and storage capacities in addition to maintaining a stronger and longer lasting battery life.

The development of the USB 3.0 was a labor of love that spanned a number of years. Consumers are demanding that more of their devices include greater functionality, multidirectional charging and data transfer capabilities, greater physical endurance, and better ease of use. Those demands were met in the form of the USB 3.0.

Still have questions about the USB Type C or the USB 3.0 charging cables and how they work? Check out our informative FAQ page here.

At Ohming Technology, we’re committed to upholding the absolute highest standards of technological advancements by staying one step ahead of the game at all times. With that in mind, we’ve devised two state-of-the-art charging stations that meet all of your technological standards. The Charge M.E. is a multiport USB 3.0 hub that’s perfect for home use and can charge up to eight devices simultaneously. The Charging Caddy is ideal for public use in bars, restaurants, casinos and so much more. To learn more about our products, please contact us today!

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Paul Romanenko

Paul Romanenko

Paul Romanenko is CEO of Ohming Technology LLC. His entrepreneurial spirit utilizes his technology and customer service background to create devices which complement the use of modern technology.Paul’s innovative products have led him to file several patents with the United States Patent Office. Their unique features allow for mobile devices such as tablets, smart phones, and other items utilizing USB power to charge their battery without the use of additional software. Paul’s device can also be used as a powered USB hub while simultaneously charging via dedicated power ports.His vision to change the landscape of where technology is used is not only Paul’s passion but the driving force behind Ohming Technology.