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FAQ for Charging Caddy

Is it compatible with iPhones and iPads?

Yes, the Charging Caddy is compatible with both new and legacy iPhones and iPad.

What about Android smartphones and tablets?

Yes, they are also compatible with Android smartphones and tablets.

How many mobile devices can be charged at once?

There are two USB ports attached to each Charging Caddy, so up to two devices can be charged simultaneously. With the “secured USB connector” option, it is possible to charge more than two; however, this is not recommended.

Will the Charging Caddy get hot when it’s charging mobile devices?

No, the Charging Caddy will not get hot when charging your devices. The wood grain will maintain a cool temperature.

Will I damage my device if it’s plugged into the wrong port?

No, your device will not be damaged. Your device simply won’t charge if plugged into the wrong port.

Does it come with a cord to charge itself?

Since the Charging Caddy is battery-powered, an external power supply is provided with each Caddy to charge the battery when needed. In an emergency, the internal battery can be charging via the power supply while mobile devices are being charged via the USB ports/cables.

Will it continuously charge even after my phone reaches 100%?

Most phones have a function where they will no longer charge once they reach 100%. This is not something the Caddy monitors or controls.

Will it charge my Fitbit or anything with a small battery like an e-cigarette?

The Charging Caddy is designed to charge mobile devices such as cellphones and tablets. However, if the device has the capability to be charged via USB port or cable, the Charging Caddy should be able to provide a charge to other devices.

How big is the Charging Caddy and how much does it weigh?

We have multiple size options for the Charging Caddy. The size of the base and top configuration will alter the overall dimensions. However, the base size and weight will remain consistent:

The large base without a top weighs approximately nine pounds and measures 4.5” width x 6” length x 5” height.

The small base without a top weighs approximately six pounds and measures 4.5” width x 6” length x 3” height.

Can it be used as a USB hub?

Ohming Technology has another product called the Charge M.E. that is designed to be used as a USB 3.0 hub with dedicated charging ports. The Charging Caddy is designed specifically for charging devices at table tops of restaurants and bars where power outlets are not readily available or accessible.

Is it waterproof?

The Charging Caddy is water resistant against spills and splashes you might incur at your bar or restaurants. Although it is water resistant and very durable, it is not considered waterproof.

How long does it take to charge the battery bank?

The Charging Caddy takes four to five hours to charge the smaller base, and six to eight hours for the large base. Overall charging times of the internal battery are dependent on the starting level of the battery when plugged into charge.

How many times can I recharge the Charging Caddy mobile charger?

The Charging Caddy can be recharged as many times as necessary without damage. There is an on/off switch to preserve its energy when not in use.

How can I tell how much power is left on my Charging Caddy charger?

There is an optional battery meter that will show the current charging level of the Caddy.

How can I tell if the Charging Caddy charger is charging my mobile device?

The Charging Caddy works like any other charger. This means the icon on your device will indicate whether or not it is charging as well as its charge levels.

Where can I buy a Charging Caddy?

You can buy the Charging Caddy online here.

Do you offer rush shipping?

We like to customize each Charging Caddy with the establishment’s logo or name. This process does take some time. If you would like to order a Charging Caddy for a specific event or deadline, please contact Ohming Technology directly to determine availability and how soon we would be able to ship the Caddy’s to you.

What’s your return policy?

Typically, each Charging Caddy is customized with the establishment’s logo or name. During the manufacturing process, the customer will be asked to approve the design or logo that will be put on the Caddy.  However, if the customer is not satisfied for any reason, Ohming Technology will work with the customer to find a fair and amicable resolution to the situation.

What is your warranty policy?

Each Charging Caddy is warrantied for one (1) year from the date of purchase for any mechanical or workmanship defects (including the internal battery). Accidental damage is not covered under this warranty; however, Ohming Technology does offer a maintenance/damage protection plan for each device. Please contact Ohming Technology for more details about this plan.