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Ohming Technology

FAQ for Charging M.E.

Frequently Asked Questions

In your video it references a “Charge M.E.” Is that the same as the “personal version”?

Yes – the personal version is the same as the “Charge M.E”. The name “Charge M.E”. is derived from Charge-ing Mobile Electronics. We used this name to help illustrate the multi-functionality of this device. Not only can you charge phones and tablets, but almost any mobile electronic via USB device!”

Why are you calling “Charge M.E.” the Personal Version?

Ohming Technology has a number of devices in various stages of development. This version was specifically designed with home, school, small and medium business use in mind; such factors as overall size of the device, number of USB ports, size and weight of power supply, materials used to ensure durability have all been taking into consideration. Thus ensuring the ease of use for individuals and light commercial applications.

When and where can I buy the “Charge M.E.”?!

The Device is available for purchase through this Website Shop

On your products page, you said I can use the Personal Version “Charge M.E.” with my external hard drive while I am charging my iPhone? How does that work?

Yes – you can charge your iPhone from one of the 4 dedicated USB power ports while using 4 remaining USB 3.0 ports for networking devices. This is possible by using Ohming Technology’s patent pending process of integrating dedicated power ports with standard USB ports.

Will I be able to charge my “New iPad” from the Personal Version “Charge M.E.”?

Yes – you will be able to charge the iPad Air and iPad Mini (with retina display) from this device. Also the iPad2 and original iPad.