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How Does Fast Charging Work?

Fast charging is an essential feature that most modern mobile devices have and it’s swiftly taking over the rest of the technological world as well. In fact, you might not even realize that your new smartphone even has fast charging capabilities until you’re in a bind and actually need to use it. In case you’re unfamiliar with what fast charging is, how it works, and which devices actually use it, here’s everything you need to know.

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What Is Fast Charging and Is It Totally Safe?

As the name suggests, fast charging is a much faster, more efficient, and convenient way of charging your cellphone and other devices. This innovative technology allows you to charge your devices in nearly half the time that it would normally take, which is extremely convenient during those times that you’re in a hurry and need to revitalize your phone’s battery. The reality is that these days most people can’t stand the thought of going anywhere without some sort of electronic device, whether it’s their cellphone or tablet. We’ve become so accustomed to constantly being connected to our devices that we almost go into panic mode when we’re unable to use them for one reason or another.

In this case, fast charging is the solution that every consumer has been hoping for and cellphone companies are all complying with this growing demand. Of course, they all offer their own versions of a solution. This excellent feature doesn’t just charge your devices faster, but it can also detect when the device is fully charged and stops providing an electrical surge immediately to prevent it from overheating. That means you can even keep the device plugged in overnight without damaging the device’s battery. As a result, fast charging is perfectly safe and it doesn’t pose any fire or health hazards because your phone’s battery will always remain at a normal temperature.

How Does Fast Charging Work?

The concept of fast charging is very simple. Essentially, it takes the basic principle involved in normal charging and just speeds it up. Your phone’s battery can only charge when a current runs through it. The speed of that current combined with the amount of voltage that accompanies it determines how fast your phone’s battery will actually charge and how long it’ll last on a single charge. Like everything else in life, though, even fast charging has a limit that shouldn’t be exceeded and that’s why each device that has this feature comes with a charge controller to prevent it from overcharging and eventually overheating.

Do All Phone Support the Fast Charging Feature?

While it’s true that all phones are equipped with the fast charging feature, they don’t all support it to the same extent or in the same ways. Some phones, like the latest IPhone models, actually require that you buy special additional accessories in or for this feature to work. Other phones, however, like the Samsung Galaxy series automatically offer this feature built in to their charging capabilities so that no additional accessories are required. You can even use wireless chargers that are strategically placed throughout your home to easily and quickly charge your devices without having to search for your charger or constantly having it on you.

Of course, it’s important to keep in mind that each device has its own specifications when it comes to what it can handle and how long it should be left on the charger. That’s why you should always read through the disclaimers and carefully do your research before purchasing a new device to make sure it has all of the features and specifications that you want.

Each technological company will also typically make very specific recommendations in terms of the accessories that’ll help enhance your charging and user experience.

How Long Can a Fast Charging Device Last?

This is a genuine concern that a lot of mobile users have, especially since nowadays most devices are used to fulfill numerous purposes aside from just texting and making phone calls. Despite the fact that most modern devices come with a built-in feature that automatically detects when the battery is fully charged and ceases charging it, it’s not recommended that you leave your cellphone charging overnight. While the fast charging feature has many benefits—the main one being that it can quickly charge your phone for you when you’re in a pinch—one of its downfalls is that it can also cause your battery to work in overdrive if it’s connected to the charger for too long.

The reason for this is that in some cases, manufacturers make the devices equipped to handle and accept fast charging but the charging cables that they come with are incapable of providing this feature. That means that it’s not necessarily the chargers themselves that are responsible for the fast charging, but the devices.

In order to better suit the needs of your device, you need a portable charger that can not only fulfill its charging needs, but also match them exactly. Keep in mind that there are different levels and types of fast charging mechanisms and before you go ahead and purchase just any charger for your phone, you need to do your research and make sure you’re choosing one that can match its necessary charging speed.

The best way to do this is to consult a technological expert, have them examine your devices’ specifications, and then recommend the appropriate charging cable for it.

Ohming Technology has a state-of-the-art portable multiport charging system called The Charge M.E. This is the ideal solution for all of your fast charging needs. It provides the capability to charge up to four devices including your cellphone, laptop, tablet, and other devices simultaneously. Each USB port is equipped with its own separate channel that provides an electrical current, which means that your devices aren’t sharing or stealing power from one another, creating a much stronger and longer lasting charge. On top of that, this device supports all of the most recent technological devices as well as legacy models, ultimately making it futureproof. Contact us or shop online to learn more about this revolutionary charging station.

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