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Important Etiquette to Follow when Using Mobile Devices

While distracted driving is one of the biggest concerns when it comes to modern cellphone usage, it’s not the only one. A lack of proper cellphone usage etiquette is sweeping society with people whipping out their phones during dates, inside dark movie theaters, and even during important meetings at work. It might be hard to admit, but we all do it. The truth is that we use our cellphones for so many different reasons these days, from scheduling meeting, answering emails, socializing, and even finding directions, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay to use your mobile device anywhere and everywhere.

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In light of the fact that July is national Cell Phone Courtesy Month, we’ve created a helpful guide to remind people of proper mobile device etiquette.

Mobile Device Etiquette In Public

Whether you are in a restaurant, movie theater, shopping mall, or bank, you’re bound to find someone (if not everyone!) using their mobile device in some form or another. Here are a few tips for proper mobile device etiquette in public places.

Keep Your Voice Down

There’s nothing wrong with talking on the phone in public places, as long as you show a little decorum. At one point or another, we’ve all overheard or eavesdropped on someone’s phone conversation in public. Unless you can keep you voice down, it’s best to save private conversations for the privacy of your own home or when you’re alone, not public places where everyone else can hear what you’re talking about.

Avoid Cellphone Use in Religious Institutions and Other Quiet Places

There’s a time and place for using your cellphone and being in a place of worship, at the library, or in school isn’t one of them. It’s rude to have your cellphone go off in the middle of a sermon, while other people are praying, or in the middle of a lecture. Not only is this a major faux pas, but it also disrupts other people around you, which is unfair to them. Make sure you turn your phone on silent and keep it stowed away until you have left the religious institution or quiet place.

Avoid Using Your Phone while Driving

Distracted driving is becoming an increasing problem in a lot of cities. With rising accidents, fatalities, and fines, it’s no wonder why 48 states have currently banned text messaging while driving. This month, we urge people to stop using their phones while driving. No text or phone call is more important than paying attention to the road.

Don’t Use Your Phone while Crossing the Street

The same thing can be said for people crossing the street. Pedestrians often take their safety for granted and assume that all cars will see them right away and be able to stop. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case and as a pedestrian, it’s important to take your safety into your own hands and always be aware of your surroundings.

Cellphone Etiquette in the Workplace

Here are some helpful tips regarding workplace cellphone etiquette.

Don’t Use Your Cellphone during Meetings

No matter how unnecessary, uninformative, or dull a work meeting is, there’s no excuse to be playing around on your phone the entire time. Everyone has attended the type of meeting that could have easily been summed up in an office e-mail or memo, but that doesn’t mean it’s permissible to be staring down at your phone rather than paying attention. Not only is this behaviour unacceptable at work, it’s also highly unprofessional and disrespectful to your colleagues.

Understand and Follow Your Company Cellphone Policy

Overusing your cellphone at work can seriously impede your creativity and productivity. Keeping your job is a lot more important than giving in to your cellphone addiction. In order to avoid getting fired or penalized at work for being on your cellphone too much, take precautions to avoid distractions on your phone. Turn off your ringer and notifications and store your phone in a safe place where you won’t be tempted to use it as often.

Keep Your Device on Silent while at Work

Most office spaces these days are open concept and there’s nothing more annoying and distracting to your coworkers than having your cellphone go off constantly. When you’re at work, proper cellphone etiquette dictates that you turn off your ringer. Unless you work in a profession that demands that you constantly have your phone on in case clients or coworkers need to reach you, the proper office protocol is to keep your ringer turned off or very low.

Don’t Listen to Voicemails or Phone Calls on Speakerphone

Your voicemails and phone calls are your own business and no one else in the office needs to know who you’re talking to or what you’re talking about. If you must talk on the phone while at work, avoid using speakerphone. All it does is disrupt everyone else around you from being able to concentrate on their own work.

Don’t Take Personal Calls at Your Desk or Cubicle

Save the personal phone calls for your lunch breaks or off hours. No one at your office needs to be privy to your personal business. Again, it’s a major distraction to everyone around you.

Cellphone Charging Etiquette

  • Put your phone in power-saving mode.
  • Reduce the screen brightness to limit the battery usage and make it last longer.
  • Use a multi-device charger so that more people can charge their devices simultaneously.

Ohming Technology has developed two state-of-the-art multi-device charging stations, The Charge M.E. and The Charging Caddy. Perfect for personal and professional use, these charging stations are futureproof and compatible with legacy and modern devices with a capability of charging up to eight devices simultaneously. Contact us today to place an order!

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