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5 Must-Have Summer Travel Gadgets in 2019

Peak travel season is finally among us and it’s time to start looking into which innovative travel gadgets you’ll be packing away in your suitcase! Whether it’s a weekend getaway, a weeklong cruise, or you’re visiting some far-off overseas destination for a few weeks, modern travel demands that you bring along at least a few high-tech gadgets with you. Here are our top five picks for the must-have summer travel gadgets in 2019!

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Bluetooth Headphones

As much as Bluetooth headphones are great for everyday use, they’re even better for traveling. High-quality sound, nose cancellation, compatibility with multiple devices, and wireless connection are just some of the features you can take advantage of with the right pair of Bluetooth headphones. These are perfect for traveling exotic lands whether you’re going on excursions, exploring new cities and landscapes on your own, or simply relaxing on the beach.


e-readers are the perfect travel companion in 2019 because they allow you to pass time on long flights, train rides, and car rides. One thing a lot of people don’t account for when they travel is the downtime. From waiting to board the plane at the airport to the excruciatingly long flight, you need something to keep your mind occupied and entertained. In-flight movies and TV shows are a great source of entertainment, but there are only so many of them you can watch before you crave something a little more mentally stimulating. Modern e-readers hold thousands of books, magazines, and audiobooks and they have a true-to-life paper quality that reduces screen glare and strain on your eyes.

Multi-Device Charger

Traveling nowadays entails bringing along multiple devices like digital cameras, cellphones, e-readers, wireless headphones, Go-Pro devices, fitness trackers, laptops, tablets, and so much more. All of these devices will need to be charged at some point during your trip. Instead of using up multiple outlets to charge all of them separately, it makes more sense to bring along a portable multi-device USB charger like The Charge M.E. on your trip. It’s lightweight and can support up to eight new and legacy devices simultaneously.

Wearable Technology

Wearable technology has gained a lot of traction in recent years. Fitness trackers, smart jewelry, smart clothing, and head-mounted displays have become increasingly popular—especially amongst savvy world travelers. These devices help you keep up your fitness routine, are equipped with internal navigation systems to help you get around, and some of them even have translation features that transcend language barriers.

Personal Water Filtration System

As with anything you do in life, traveling to different parts of the world comes with some level of risk. In some places where the local drinking water isn’t safe for consumption, having your own personal portable water filtration system can come in handy. Not only can you safely consume tap water while traveling, but you can also reduce waste by not drinking water out of plastic bottles.

Ohming Technology has developed two innovative multi-device charging solutions to keep all of your technological devices fully charged. Perfect for home and work use, the Charging Caddy and The Charge M.E. are multi-device charging stations that are compatible with all devices. Contact us today to learn more or to place an order!

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Paul Romanenko

Paul Romanenko

Paul Romanenko is CEO of Ohming Technology LLC. His entrepreneurial spirit utilizes his technology and customer service background to create devices which complement the use of modern technology.Paul’s innovative products have led him to file several patents with the United States Patent Office. Their unique features allow for mobile devices such as tablets, smart phones, and other items utilizing USB power to charge their battery without the use of additional software. Paul’s device can also be used as a powered USB hub while simultaneously charging via dedicated power ports.His vision to change the landscape of where technology is used is not only Paul’s passion but the driving force behind Ohming Technology.