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Portable USB Charger with Multiple Ports

Portable USB Charger with Multiple PortsIt would seem the technology we use to charge phones isn’t quite as up-to-date as the technology we use to create them. USB ports have not been standardized until relatively recently, and if you have multiple mobile devices, as most of us do, then charging each device is like a game of musical chairs when trying to find an available outlet or port.

The most effective solution is to get your hands on a USB charger with multiple ports. And as the home of the Charge M.E., Ohming Technology is your best choice. The Charge M.E. can handle up to eight devices at a time, without the need for a computer—and it’s compatible with both new items and legacy devices for ports that haven’t been standardized.

Using a Multiple Port Charger

Using the Charge M.E. is similar to having your own charging station for multiple devices, except this charging station is portable. And with the way many of us from this generation live our lives today, where we aren’t stuck behind a desk for eight hours, having a product that can charge multiple mobile devices almost becomes necessary.

And even for those who are behind a desk for the majority of the day, we now incorporate our mobile devices into our workflow and certainly for personal use throughout the day. The previous way of keeping all of those devices charged was to have each of them plugged into individual sockets or ports. That meant cords coming from under your desk to on top of your desk and in and out of your PC, which meant much more electricity and much more clutter.

The USB multi-device charger changed all of that, and the Charge M.E. is at the top of the pack of products that are compatible with both the new and legacy mobile devices. From iPad to iPad Mini to iPad Air, or any other mobile device, the Charge M.E. provides 2.4 amps per port simultaneously with its four dedicated power USB ports. The four standard USB ports provide 0.9 amps per port, which is sufficient for legacy devices.

 A Better Way to Be Mobile

The Charge M.E. is designed to suit the current reality of the remote employee and mobile tech-driven individual. We are constantly plugged in and our devices help keep us up to speed on what’s happening both in our work life and our social interactions. The Charge M.E. is small enough that it can be easily transported without becoming a hassle or getting in the way. And because no computer is needed as a host source, the Charge M.E. is the perfect USB multi-device charger for small spaces, like dorm rooms, or when you’re on the go.

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