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Ohming Technology Privacy Policy

At Ohming Technology, we respect the privacy of all our visitors. We assure you that no spyware will be installed on your computer, and we will not use spyware in any manner to retrieve information from your computer while you are browsing. None of your personal information will be stored on any of our cookies, and any information that is voluntarily provided will be used only to process your order. We also guarantee that we will not rent or sell your personal information to any third party.


Though Ohming Technology acknowledges our presentation of this web site, we cannot guarantee that all content and claims made on our site are completely accurate or appropriate. Ohming Technology will not be held liable for any loss, harm, damages, or misuse of content on this web site. None of the content or information presented on this web site should be taken as advice or used for any reason outside of its intended purpose of informing readers of our products. All content viewed on the Ohming Technology web site is subject to copyright and can never be reproduced, sold, or hyperlinked for the purpose of any illegal activity. We reserve the right to deny access to our web site for any reason. Our privacy policy can also be updated without notice whenever Ohming Technology sees fit. It is the job of the user to view our privacy policy and terms and conditions on a regular basis.