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Starter Kit

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small with multi top 10

Product Description

  • Potential to increase revenue per seat
  • Great for customer retention and return
  • Charges virtually any device via USB (Tablets, Smartphones, Bluetooth, etc)
  • Battery-powered
  • Portable and does not require power connection to charge devices
  • 2 USB ports per Charging Caddy
  • Caddy Charging Times:
    * 4-5 hours (small base)
    * 6-8 hours (large base)
    (*Time may vary depending on charge times and number of devices connected)
  • Water resistant Caddy charger (power supply provided) (recharge times range from 7-12 hours depending upon battery size and depletion level of battery)
  • Interchangeable Caddy Tops to allow for easy battery changes
  • One, two or customizable Caddy tops available for bar napkins, coaster, straws, etc. (one top not shown)
  • All Charging Caddys are equivalent in size to commonly used bar caddys available today
  • Customizable wood grain, stain, and configurations available
  • Optional battery meter to show Caddy charge levels available
  • Optional on/off switch to preserve Caddy charge levels


Product Manual: Download

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Small Base, Large Base