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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Ohming Technology strongly encourages all users carefully read and follow the terms and conditions stated below. There is no obligation to continue browsing the web site if you disagree with the terms and conditions as they are stated.

Content Use

Ohming Technology owns all of the rights or licensing of the content presented on the web site. This includes all brands, labels, headings, logos, or signatures as they appear on the site. Ohming Technology prohibits any of these properties to be used in any other form or in any other manner than what is outlined in our terms and conditions. Content can not be repurposed without express written consent from Ohming Technology.

General Rules

Visitors must respect the laws and not use the contents or properties of the web site for any action that may be considered illegal in nature. Copyright, trademark, and intellectual rights must also be respected, and content must not be used for any action even remotely considered profane, obscene, or pornographic nor for any similar action that violates the privacy or public rights of users.

Attempts to log into accounts of other users or any attempt to access personal or private data is prohibited. This includes probing of the Ohming Technology web site for any vulnerability within the systems or networks. Sending or the attempt to send any virus that would disrupt the network and its users and administrators is also prohibited, as is sending any unsolicited emails to any users. Criminal or civil liability may result from failure to adhere to these rules.


Ohming Technology does not take responsibility for any of the content or claims of any links to third-party web sites. Ohming includes links to third-party web sites as a means of further offer more content and information and can not be held liable for the content of these third-party links.

Ohming Technology also relieves itself from responsibility of the claims of third-party links back to our site. We can not guarantee the accuracy of any of the claims that link back to Ohming Technology.


Ohming Technology makes a concerted effort to provide only quality content throughout the site. However, we do not guarantee the accuracy of this content and will not be held liable for any claims made on our site. It’s also important to note that we can not guarantee that our site will run error-or virus-free. Users agree to use the Ohming Technology web site at their own risk