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Top 10 Must-Have Smartphone Accessories for Seniors

Modern day seniors are becoming increasingly tech-savvy smartphone users. And it makes a lot of sense because nowadays, you either must learn how to use a smartphone or risk being cut off from the rest of society. Okay, so that’s a bit dramatic, but it might as well be true considering we use smartphones for pretty much everything—from checking e-mails and listening to music, to mapping out GPS directions and video chatting friends and family. To help seniors get the maximum enjoyment and usage out of their phones, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 smartphone accessories for seniors.

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1. Phone Case with a Waterproof Protective Pouch

Waterproof phone cases protect your phone from so much more than just water. They also provide an impenetrable protective layer against dirt, dust, sand, and any other external elements that could diminish the functionality of your device. You can even take your phone deep sea diving with you and take some amazing underwater pictures or bring it in the water with you when you go to the beach with your grandkids without worrying about any water or sand damage.

2. Wireless Headphones

Wireless headphones make it very easy for you to complete your daily tasks including household chores, gardening, or even going grocery shopping while listening to your favourite tunes on your mobile device. The best part is that there aren’t any pesky wires or headphone jacks to get in the way. All you need is a secure Wi-Fi connection and Bluetooth enabled on your phone. With a long-lasting battery life and minimal energy usage, you don’t have to worry about charging your wireless headphones very often and you can continue to lead an active lifestyle with them on.

3. Stylus Pen

Do you have trouble typing e-mails and text messages on your phone’s touchscreen because you keep accidentally hitting the wrong keys? Are your e-mails and text messages so jumbled up that even autocorrect doesn’t recognize what you’re trying to say? Many seniors have dexterity issues, particularly in their hands and fingers, which can make it difficult to use their smartphones. Stylus pens offer a solution to this problem by offering an unparalleled level of precision while using your device.

4. Touchscreen Gloves

There are times when you might need to send a very important text message or check something on your phone while walking outside in freezing temperatures. How can you do this without freezing your fingers off? Technology companies have come up with a wonderful solution for that too: touchscreen gloves. These gloves have a heat sensitive fabric that allows you to use your phone even when your hands are completely covered to avoid exposing them to the frigid temperatures.

5. Portable Multi-Port Charger

A portable multi-port charger such as The Charge M.E. from Ohming Technology offers you complete versatility when it comes to charging multiple devices at the same time. Group gatherings are made a lot easier when you have a portable charging station that has the capacity to charge up to eight different devices simultaneously. You can take it with you pretty much anywhere you go, whether it’s on a road trip, a long-term vacation, or even on an evening out with friends.

6. Car or Bike Phone Mount

We’ve all had moments when we needed to use the GPS on our phones while driving somewhere and nearly dropped our devices trying to get a quick glance at the map. If you get caught doing this, you could be charged with a hefty distracted driving fine. Smartphone mounts for your car, bike, or any other vehicle give you the capability to place your smartphone at eye level where you can easily access it for directions or answering Bluetooth calls.

7. Wireless Keyboards

For those of you who still prefer using real buttons instead of virtual ones on a touchscreen device, there are phone cases that come with built-in wireless keyboards that connect directly to your smartphone. As far as technological accessories for older parents go, this is a nifty gift idea. The keyboard is attached to a state-of-the-art phone case and can slide in and out whenever they want to use their phones. The functionality of this feature doesn’t compromise the sleek or stylish design of the device either so your parents can still fit their phones in their back pockets or purses as they normally would.

8. Tablet Stand Systems

High-performance tablet stand systems are perfect for seniors who enjoy reading, watching videos, playing games and performing other tasks on their tablets. After a while, holding a tablet can be tiresome. Portable tablet stands can be used in any setting. Whether they’re sitting at a desk, lying down in bed, or sitting on the couch at home, tablet stands offer the support and comfort your elderly loved one needs when using their favourite device.

9. Item Locators

Item locators are ideal for pretty much any adult who’s ever misplaced their car keys, phone, or wallet. Let’s be honest—we’ve all done this at one point or another. Item locators are small devices that you can physically attach to your belongings and connect them to the Bluetooth on your phone. Whenever you misplace an item like your keys or wallet, all you have to do is open the associated app on your phone and select the item you’re looking for. The Bluetooth will send a signal to the associated device so that it’ll start beeping and you can easily locate it.

10. Hearing Aid Adapters

Smartphones aren’t always accessible for the elderly. Sometimes, even when the volume on a device is as high as it can go, hearing impaired seniors can still have a hard time hearing the sound on their phones. Now, they can sync a hearing aid adapter with their phones so they can hear the sound more clearly.

At Ohming Technology, we pride ourselves on being completely up-to-date with all the latest smartphone technology on the market. That’s why we offer high-tech charging stations that are designed with people of all ages and capabilities in mind. Visit our web site or contact us to learn more about our products.

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