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4 Common Charging Myths You Need to Know

The concept of charging your phone—or any other technological device, for that matter—should be fairly simple. You just connect your phone and plug to a wall outlet and let it do its thing. However, there are a lot of myths and misrepresented facts circulating the Internet lately regarding how charging[…]

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Reasons Why Your Phone Dying Can Be Extremely Inconvenient

Modern technological advancements have made it possible for people to use their mobile devices pretty much anywhere and everywhere in any capacity imaginable. It’s now possible to purchase movie tickets, pay for bus fares, pay bills, take pictures, listen to music, and even navigate entire routes all on your mobile[…]

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How a Charging Caddy Can Be Useful at Home

These days, the home has become a melting pot of technological advancements. While we’re far from the days when a computer named Hal will be performing all of our simple tasks and doing all of our thinking for us, there’s certainly a lot of room for improvement particularly in the[…]

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Are Portable Chargers Worth Buying?

The benefits of technology help us everywhere we go—and today, we go absolutely everywhere with our mobile devices in tow. That is why portable USB phone chargers are useful along the way in all kinds of situations from travel to business and everything in-between. Traveling Planes, trains, and automobiles can[…]

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5 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Techie Partner

Valentine’s Day is slowly creeping up, and if you’re searching for the perfect gift for the love of your life, we have the perfect solution. You can go with the classic heart-shaped chocolate box—or this year, you can surprise your partner with something that’s both cool and useful—like a portable[…]

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Why Hotels Should Have USB-Powered Hubs in Their Rooms

As hotels evolve to meet the new and emerging needs of their guests, the place of electronic devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops is crystal clear: Portable electronic-powered devices are at the center of most people’s lives—and when they’re on the road, this is even more true. That’s why every[…]

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Common Cellphone Charging Questions Answered

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions regarding cellphone charging, creating many cellphone charging questions. Some of these date back to the era of nickel cadmium batteries, but we want to help with your cellphone charging needs by offering some information and charging tips. While a typical smartphone battery[…]

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How to Protect Your Smartphone at Public Charging Stations

When you’re shopping, running multiple errands, or simply out on the town, it is ultra-common to see the familiar “Low Battery” icon on your smartphone. Before dread sets in, we all know that there are options, such as public charging stations. However, there are potential risks due to exploitable traits[…]

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How to Protect Your Cellphone Battery in Cold Weather

Your most precious possession today is likely your mobile device. It keeps you connected to friends, family, the Internet, games, applications, and even emergency services, should you ever need them. That’s why you need to ensure that your phone always works, regardless of cold weather conditions. There are optimum temperature[…]

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