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The Benefits and Features of USB 3.0

Since its initial inception in 1994, the Universal Serial Bus—more commonly known as USB—has undergone a series of reconfigurations, each of which has been responsible for vastly improving its overall sustainability, flexibility, usage, and adaptability to meet the needs of modern consumers. With each new version of the USB, advancements[…]

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How to Avoid Getting Electrocuted when Using Your Phone while It’s Charging

Common sense and a basic understanding of how electrical currents operate and react to contact with water dictate that we should never, under any circumstances, use our electrical devices while we’re surrounded by water or any other liquid. While it’s true that most modern devices are equipped with waterproof capabilities,[…]

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Growing Demand for Multi-Device Charging Stations for Electronics

Nowadays, there are so many different types of technological advancements and new devices being released on the market that it’s almost impossible to keep up with each and every single one. Cellphones, laptops, tablets, wireless battery-operated headphones, fitness trackers, e-readers, and even Bluetooth speakers. All of these devices have two[…]

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Why It’s a Bad Idea to Charge Your Phone in Your Car

The vast advancements of modern technology have come a long way in the past few years. With the advent of the cellphone comes the next step in the chain of technological evolution: the necessity of being able to charge your phone while on-the-go. Pretty much all modern car models come[…]

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Is It Bad to Leave Your Phone Charging All Night?

Nowadays, mobile devices are the main source of communication. Considering the fact that our modern mobile devices serve countless different purposes, it’s almost like they’re an extension of our own personalities. For that very reason, many people have a hard time parting with their cellphones and there’s always that sense[…]

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4 Common Charging Myths You Need to Know

The concept of charging your phone—or any other technological device, for that matter—should be fairly simple. You just connect your phone and plug to a wall outlet and let it do its thing. However, there are a lot of myths and misrepresented facts circulating the Internet lately regarding how charging[…]

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Reasons Why Your Phone Dying Can Be Extremely Inconvenient

Modern technological advancements have made it possible for people to use their mobile devices pretty much anywhere and everywhere in any capacity imaginable. It’s now possible to purchase movie tickets, pay for bus fares, pay bills, take pictures, listen to music, and even navigate entire routes all on your mobile[…]

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How a Charging Caddy Can Be Useful at Home

These days, the home has become a melting pot of technological advancements. While we’re far from the days when a computer named Hal will be performing all of our simple tasks and doing all of our thinking for us, there’s certainly a lot of room for improvement particularly in the[…]

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Are Portable Chargers Worth Buying?

The benefits of technology help us everywhere we go—and today, we go absolutely everywhere with our mobile devices in tow. That is why portable USB phone chargers are useful along the way in all kinds of situations from travel to business and everything in-between. Traveling Planes, trains, and automobiles can[…]

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