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Multiple-Mobile Charger for Bar and Restaurant

The Charging Caddy: A Solution for Both You and Your Customers

mobile charging solution for barsBars and restaurant owners are constantly looking for ways to engage their customers and keep them coming back to their establishments. Happy hour, drink specials, and live music are all done in hopes of giving the customer more than just great food and fun drinks.

Ohming Technology understands the measures establishment owners go through in retaining customers. That is why we created the Charging Caddy, a battery-powered multiple-mobile device charger for bars and restaurants. The Caddy acts as a mobile device charging solution for restaurants that can charge multiple mobile devices at once.

Charging Station for Multiple Devices

This generation belongs to the Millennials and you’ll be lucky to find a single Millennial who doesn’t travel with at least one mobile device on them at all times. You can pretty much guarantee when they enter your restaurant, they will have a smartphone in their pocket. That means they will also need a power source to keep their mobile phone charged. This is why a charging station for multiple devices is beneficial.

The Charging Caddy is able to conveniently charge two devices simultaneously. Directly in front of the customer! Your customer and their guest are both able to charge their phones or other mobile devices—including iPads, Kindle readers, or tablets—while they enjoy their meal. This will keep them in their seats longer and put their mind at ease.

An Easy Charging Solution for Guests

People in general are on their cellphones all day. Millennials or not, our cellphones have become an integral part of day to day life. From sending messages, booking appointments and reading, to just browsing through social media, we need our cellphones. Because we use our cellphones at the pace we do, we also struggle to keep them charged. That’s where the Charging Caddy comes in. If you can offer your customers a restaurant cellphone charging station for multiple devices, including any type of new or legacy cellphone, you have an advantage. Your customers will be excited to see how simple charging their device can be, without the hassle of asking the bartender to plug in their device somewhere behind the bar, fear of theft when leaving it unattended near a power outlet, or missing an urgent call when placed in a charging lockbox.

People frequent bars for many different reasons. With so much competition within the bar and restaurant industry, it’s often the atmosphere that keeps people coming back. The volume of the music, the dress code of the waiters and bartenders, the decor of the establishment—all of these little intricacies impact the customer’s decision. The Charging Caddy offers a mobile charging solution for bars and restaurants which adds intrinsic value to your establishment.

Customizable to Match Any Aesthetic

charging stations for multiple devicesThere are so many things that make the Charging Caddy great. First thing’s first: looks matter. No matter how great the Charging Caddy functions, if it was an eye sore, you would be hesitant to put it on a table where your guests will be sitting for at least the better part of an hour. Fortunately, the Charging Caddy is very much the opposite. It offers customizable tops that can be suited to fit the theme and aesthetic of your bar or restaurant.

This means you don’t have to be concerned about what customers will be thinking when they see the Charging Caddy on their table. In fact, the Caddy doubles as a straw, napkin, and condiment holder, so it fits right in. It is available in various wood grains and stains, or you can completely customize your Caddy for branding purposes. Bars and restaurant owners are having their logos imprinted right on to the Charging Caddy, which only adds to the aura of their establishment.

The Charging Caddy Is Battery-Powered, Durable and Hassle-Free

There are more benefits of the Charging Caddy that make it perfect for any bar or restaurant. It is battery operated and able to run for approximately four to five hours for a small base and six to eight hours for a large base. A good note to keep in mind is that you can turn the Charging Caddy off when it’s not in use in order to preserve energy. And when the Caddy is ready to be charged, it takes about seven hours to get a full battery so it’s ready for use.

Another really cool feature of the Charging Caddy is each base comes with a water resistant charger for its internal battery. This means the Caddy base can safely charge when there is a possibility of liquid being present in the area. We believe that’s such an important feature because spills happen in restaurants all the time. People are constantly moving, wait staff is walking to and from tables, and accidents are bound to happen. By having the ability to charge the base, even when patrons are charging their mobile devices, with an element of safety protecting everyone, it helps remove concerns that your Caddy will be affected by a spill or mishap.

Guests Will Spend More Money

When guests sit down at a table in your establishment, you want them to feel at ease and to enjoy their experience. Of course, the food and drinks are a big part of that, but with technology being such a big part of people’s lives, it’s not a stretch to think that being able to access their smartphones is also important to their experience within your establishment. The Charging Caddy offers your guests peace of mind knowing they can use their smartphones without hesitation. This is great for both them and you, because their enjoyment speaks to the full service of your establishment.

A peripheral benefit is that with your guests being able to easily access and use their phones, they will be taking pictures of their food and drinks and posting them all over social media platforms. You should encourage this behavior. With the use of hashtags and tagging, the publicity for your bar is priceless. It wouldn’t be possible for everyone to see your guests having a great time and enjoying a tasty meal if they were not able to use their phones because they were not charged.

We’ve already seen the impact our Charging Caddy can have on restaurants. It’s convenient, it’s practical, it provides immediate access to the mobile device, and it allows guests an enjoyable experience that has been proven to lead to increased revenue. There is no reason not to include the Charging Caddy in your establishment. We at Ohming Technology know that we have created the perfect mobile charging solution. Now it’s up to you to learn just how amazing the Charging Caddy can be.

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