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Ohming Technology


Charges any device

Via USB (Tablets, Smartphones, Bluetooth, etc), including legacy devices.

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Does not require power connection to charge devices.

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Wood grain, stain, and configurations available

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For customer retention and return!

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Charging Caddy

Today, people rarely go anywhere without their mobile devices and they rely on them to stay connected with friends, family and coworkers. But keeping their smartphone’s battery fully charged all day, especially when they are on-the-go, can be a struggle.

There is a way, however, for businesses and local establishments to capitalize on this reality. The answer is with Ohming Technology’s one-of-a-kind Charging Caddy—perfect for cafes, bars, and restaurants.

The Charging Caddy is capable of charging nearly any device that is compatible with a USB. Placed on top of a customer’s table inside of a bar, restaurant, cafe, or other similar establishment, the Charging Caddy has two USB ports that connect to various charging cables and powers multiple devices such as smartphones, tablets, and Bluetooth. It is battery-powered and portable, meaning it can be placed anywhere in an establishment and does not need to be connected to an outlet during use.

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Charge Anything

Ability to charge new models of  iPads, iPhones, iPods ,Blackberry, Kindle, Motorola , etc   as well as  legacy (older) models

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No Computer Needed

Does not require a connection to a computer to charge devices

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No Waiting

No additional software installations are required for charging to take place

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Lots of Room

Eight (8) devices can be simultaneously  charged from  one plug in a standard wall outlet

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Personal version: Charge M.E.

Whether at home or traveling, charging your mobile communication devices (i.e. iPad, iPhone, Kindle, BlackBerry, Android, Motorola, etc.) has always been a challenge. Every device requires an electrical outlet or adequately powered USB port (and sometimes special software) to charge the device. When dealing with multiple devices, needed peripherals, and limited access to electrical outlets or computers, frustration can quickly set in.

Ohming Technology is taking the resistance out of technology and making it convenient to charge multiple devices simultaneously. The personal version of our product allows charging to occur with or without a physical connection to a computer; eliminating the need for special software, and enabling up to eight (8) devices to be charged at one time from one electrical outlet.

Alternatively, when connected to a computer USB port, you can network up to four (4) peripheral devices (external drive, mouse, keyboard, printer, etc.) while still charging up to four (4) other devices via the dedicated charging ports.

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Kim D

This device is the answer to my technological needs.   Running a laptop, listening to my music on my ipad, and texting on my cell phone, I can easily run out of battery.  I’ll have all 3 of mine plugged in to my Charge M.E.  and charge up just as fast if plugged in to one outlet.    I also brought Charge M.E.  in to my office where I work and was humored by having several employees “tapped” in to this one device and charging/playing/texting on our lunch hour!

Thanks Paul!

Dave Burgess

Great product at a very reasonable price. Works as advertised and great form factor. Thanks so much !