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Charge M.E. Multiport USB 3.0 Hub With Charging Ports

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Product Description

Ohming Technology has a number of products in development specifically designed for the charging of mobile electronic devices. The Personal Version, “Charge M.E.”, provides the following benefits:

  • Ability to charge new models of  iPads, iPhones, iPods ,Blackberry, Kindle, Motorola , etc   as well as  legacy (older) models
  • Compatible with the new USB-C ports used on new models of many computers and tablets
  • Does not require a connection to a computer to charge devices
  • No additional software  installations are required  for charging to take place
  • Eight (8) devices can be simultaneously  charged from  one plug in a standard wall outlet
  • Provides networking capability* through four (4) USB ports if connected to a computer while maintaining charging functionality in remaining 4 ports
  • Compact size makes it convenient for home, office, or travel

*Networking capability refers to the use of external devices such as hard drives, printers, mouse, keyboard, web cameras, etc.  These USB devices could be plugged into the Personal Version, i.e. connecting the Personal Version to a computer‘s USB port to allow for usage of these items. These devices may require additional software to function properly, however any device charging from the remaining four ports will not be affected in any way.


Product Manual: Download


Four (4) x dedicated power USB ports – up to 2.4A (amps) of current each

  • Can only be used for charging- no network functionality on dedicated power USB ports

Four (4) x standard USB 3.0 ports – up to 0.9A (amps) of current each

  • Can charge legacy devices
  • Compatible with new USB-C ports
  • Provide networking functionality between four (4) ports and laptop/computer

60W (watts)/12Amps Power adaptor provides consistent charging power from one plug in a standard wall outlet

Product Manual: Download

2 reviews for Charge M.E. Multiport USB 3.0 Hub With Charging Ports

  1. :

    This device is the answer to my technological needs. Running a laptop, listening to my music on my ipad, and texting on my cell phone, I can easily run out of battery. I’ll have all 3 of mine plugged in to my Charge M.E. and charge up just as fast if plugged in to one outlet. I also brought Charge M.E. in to my office where I work and was humored by having several employees “tapped” in to this one device and charging/playing/texting on our lunch hour! Thanks Paul!

  2. 5 out of 5


    I love my Charge M.E. I run multiple devices in my office and can have everything plugged into one unit. Not only can you keep everything charged, and charge them all at the same time, but you can also utilize this as a “hub” when you have limited USB ports on your laptop / PC. Perfect!!!

    This little device is a keeper! Don’t let the price deter you. It’s worth every last penny … and then some!

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