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4-Port USB Powered Hub

4-Port USB Powered HubYou’re setting up a workstation or a mini entertainment hub and thinking to yourself, “What’s the best way to power all of these devices?” You know it would be great if all of these devices attached to one port, but you need to be sure each device would receive the power it needs to function at its best.

The answer is a multiple port powered USB hub. Not only does this ensure that each of your devices can be charged from a single, self-powered source without the need for additional outlets or the use of ports from the actual computer, but it also ensures that each device gets the necessary power in an efficient manner without overexposing devices to excess doses of currents.

Advantages of a USB Powered Hub

The first notable advantage of a USB powered hub is that it generates its own power; it does not rely on computer ports, which borrow from the computer’s internal power. In those instances, the speed of your computer can be compromised along with the overall performance. This benefit becomes significant when you decide to use multiple devices at once.

Another advantage of multi-port USB powered hubs is that they can handle components that require a lot of energy. Components such as printers, external hard drives, scanners, DVD players, and other similar devices that are more demanding can be hooked up to the powered hub and still run smoothly.

It should be mentioned here that PC and Mac manufacturers recommend using powered USB ports. This is partially due to non-powered hubs not being equipped to deal with the more current USB devices. Mac components particularly require a fair amount of energy which cannot be adequately supplied from non-powered hubs.

Choosing the Right Powered Hub

When deciding on which USB charger to purchase to act as a hub for your devices, the Charge M.E. is one that should be at the top of your list. It’s able to network up to four peripheral devices when connected to a computer port, such as a keyboard or a mouse, and can still charge an additional four devices from its dedicated charging ports. The Charge M.E. can also operate independently of being connected to the computer.

Ohming Technology recognizes consumers’ needs for a product that can manage the multitude of devices we use in our everyday lives. Having the ability to charge and to network several devices at once, including those that utilize a lot of energy, and that do so from a single powered source is convenient, effective, and efficient. Technology today is supposed to adapt to our needs and make our lives easier in some fashion, while still providing a high level of service or function; the Charge M.E. meets these demands and is in line with customer expectations.

Visiting the Ohming Technology web site will give more information on the benefits of the Charge M.E. and why it’s necessary for your home, office, or even travel.