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Benefits of a Multi-Port USB Chargers

Is it even possible to function today without a cell phone? For those of us that grew up in this generation, the answer is a firm “no”. And even for those who want to effectively function in this generation, the answer should be the same. That’s because cell phones have become our main source of communication, allowing us to text, call, or e-mail family, friends, colleagues, and/or clients. And that’s all without mentioning browsing or roaming social media.

But there’s the common problem of finding a way to keep your cell phone charged throughout the day. Using standard chargers means charging your phone all night and balancing the amount of texts or e-mails you send out the next day, while bouncing between meetings and lunch dates. Or perhaps you can hope you somehow find an outlet and manage to sit there long enough to get your phone charged up to the point that it will get you through the rest of your day.

USB Travel Charger

The answer to the low battery cell phone problem is using a USB travel charger . Ohming Technology has developed the Charge M.E., which, on top of being an excellent option for a travel charger, it is a multi-port USB charger able to charge multiple devices simultaneously.

That means no more waiting until the very last second to remove your phone from the charger in the morning or switching batteries throughout the day. Your devices can be quickly and conveniently charged while away from the office or at each of the three meetings you have throughout the city. Having that peace of mind of knowing your cell phone will always be charged and ready to go at all points during the day makes it easy to stay connected and keeps you reliable.

With the Charge M.E. being a multi-port USB charger, you can charge up to eight devices at a time–everything from your iPhone to your Kindle, and not just the latest versions. The Charge M.E lets you charge legacy devices as well, so even those that came before all ports were more or less standardized.

Why Use Multi-Port USB Chargers?

It’s easy to see why people would prefer a travel charger, particularly one like the Charge M.E. It is much more convenient for many of the reasons we’ve cited above, for starters. And while it’s tough to put a value on peace of mind, it’s another benefit of knowing your phone will be available all day. The versatility of the Charge M.E. is another plus, being able to connect to multiple devices simultaneously without needing a computer as a host source of energy is key to adapting to the busy, up-and-down lives we now lead. And because it’s so compact, you can literally travel with it anywhere without concern of where to keep it stored.

Ohming Technology is confident we have developed a quality product that not only works, but meets all the current requirements of this generation. For more information, contact us today!