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How to Buy a Multi-Device Charging Station

Quality matters, and that’s no different when deciding on which multi-port USB charger to choose for your mobile devices. All brands are not created equal, so knowing what to look for when choosing a portable charger is crucial to getting the right product to match your day-to-day needs. But before you even get to choosing the right product, you first need to know why you’re buying a portable charger in the first place.

Why Do You Need a Portable Charger?

Before making any purchase, you should always ask yourself why. With the dependency we have on staying connected throughout the day, both for work and to stay in touch with friends and family, our mobile devices become crucial to our being able to operate. Check out these reasons you need a portable charger so that you`re never left without a working cellphone.


Does anyone really use their cellphone to call people anymore? Most opt to text their friends and family instead. While texting conversations can take longer to carry out than having a conversation over the phone, that doesn’t stop them from being less popular. Users enjoy the luxury of taking their time to think of what to say and craft their response they way they’d like, which isn’t a luxury they’d have while on a phone call. To maintain your texting or instant message conversations, you’ll need a long-lasting battery or a multi-USB charging station to keep up with your responses.


Not only do we depend on our smartphones for personal conversations, but many of us conduct professional correspondences by e-mailing on our phones too. E-mailing back and forth with coworkers and with any professional contact is important, and if you suddenly stop replying, you could come off as unreliable. Always have a backup USB multi-device charger to make sure you always have power to respond!

Web Browsing

Browsing the web while shopping or just looking up funny memes to pass the time can consume more of your battery than you might think. Using Internet or loading different pages and images can take a serious toll on your battery. Try to limit your web browsing when you have limited battery power, or keep a charging station for multiple devices handy to support your browsing habit.

Social Media

Social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and especially Snapchat are known for draining smartphone batteries. These apps run background data and send you notifications even when you aren’t using them, which means that they’re constantly using your battery life. Using social media is pretty much inevitable in 2017, so what’s the solution? If you’re not going to get rid of your social media apps, you need to think about getting a multiport USB charger to make sure your phone will have some leftover batter power for other things.


If you’ve run a full gaming app on your phone before, then you know how quickly it can drain your battery! Gaming apps use a ton of power to run their graphics, and the extended screen time doesn’t help preserve your battery. If you’re a fan of playing mobile games on your, then a USB multi-device charger is a necessity. Even playing half an hour to 45 minutes of games on your phone can result in draining your battery of almost half of its power.

Background Data Sync

Chances are that you have at least five apps on your phone if not more. Your battery drains when these apps are in use, but they don’t stop using power when you close them. Many remain active in the background, downloading and syncing your data. This will continuously drain your battery until it’s completely empty. Downloading a good app killer can help preserve your battery, but there won’t be a very significant improvement. While you can’t stop your apps from consuming your battery power, a USB charging station for multiple devices can help replenish it when you need some extra juice.

Wi-Fi, GPS, & Bluetooth

Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth capabilities all run in the background of your phone even when you aren’t using them. Your smartphone is constantly scanning the area for available Wi-Fi networks, your GPS location, and Bluetooth-enabled devices to connect with. These services are helpful and we rely on them for the convenience they give us in our everyday lives, but it’s a bit of a nuisance to always turn them off. Having a portable USB charger at your disposal is the best solution to make sure they don’t eat up your battery completely.

Use of Camera

Think about the last time you saw someone who wasn’t a professional photographer carrying around and actual camera. It’s been a while, right? That’s because smartphones now come equipped with not one but two cameras that are better quality than some of the digital cameras out there! Smartphone users depend on their devices to capture clear photos of special occasions, birthdays, and vacations. The camera app on your phone doesn’t come without a downside—and we’re sure you already know what it is. Using your camera frequently to take photos can use up a considerable amount of your battery power. What’s the best way to make sure you never miss a good photo op? Have a USB charging hub ready to go, of course!

All of those reasons make purchasing some kind of portable charger necessary. Even for those who spend a lot of time in one location, being able to charge multiple devices at once is an advantage of having a portable charger, and without having to use individual outlets.

Things To Consider before Buying a Multi-Device Charging Station

Here are a few tips on what to look for when choosing a multi-port charger:


Looking for things like chargers having more than one port, whether or not they need a host source, and the amps available with each port are solid indications of the charger’s capabilities. The Charge M.E. by Ohming Technology has all of these features.


How functional is the charger for what you need? Is it a multi-port USB charger? Is it suitable for indiscreet travel? Which devices are best suited for the charger and how long will it take to charge these devices? You need to ask yourself these questions before making any final decisions.


Chargers are notorious for not being durable; one day they work perfectly, and the next day the red light won’t turn on no matter how you try to adjust the position of your phone or mobile device. The Charge M.E. was made to be reliable and to last. The technology is solid and can be trusted to deliver on the promise of effectively charging your mobile devices while you’re on the go.

Intelligent Charging Technology

Intelligent charging technology is important when plugging your likely expensive device into a charging station. Generic chargers often damage devices that they weren’t specifically designed for, which can result in costly repairs. An intelligent multiport USB charger will measure the power requirements of the device and then deliver the required amount to its port. This will ensure an efficient charge and prevent any damage to your smartphone or tablet.

Number of Ports

When you decide to purchase a multi-device charging station, one of the most important things to look at is how many ports there are and compare them with how many device you’ll be charging. If you currently have two devices, you don’t want to limit yourself to a station with just two ports—choose something with a few more, just in case you happen to purchase more devices down the line.

Port Amperage

Similar to external battery packs, the USB ports in your charging station will have different amperage outputs, which can make a difference when it comes to how fast your device charges. All USB devices will be able to charge on lower amperage ports, but phones and tablets with larger batteries will take a much longer time to fully charge on these. For these devices, it’s recommended that they be charged on a higher amperage port to cut down on their charge time.

The Charge M.E. is designed for this generation. It’s portable, works with multiple mobile devices simultaneously, and is durable enough to last. To learn more about the Charge M.E., visit our web site now.