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Ohming Technology Announces New Charging Caddy Product

Boynton Beach, FL, July 5, 2016 – Ohming Technology (www.Ohming.com), a company focused on products that make it more convenient to charge multiple devices simultaneously, is announcing its new product, the “Charging Caddy.

The team at Ohming Technology is excited to announce the launch of the Charging Caddy. This product is able to charge mobile devices for patrons of restaurants, bars, or cafes directly on the table as they dine.

“Now patrons are able to sit and enjoy a meal while still having their smartphone or mobile device charge right in front of them,” says Paul Romanenko, owner and CEO of Ohming Technology. “This eliminates the need for a person to ask the waiter or waitress to charge their phone at the bar and also prevents guests from having to run out quickly because their battery is dying. People can actually just sit and enjoy their meal while their device charges on their table.”

The Charging Caddy is battery-operated and provides two USB ports allowing a number of mobile devices to charge simultaneously. It also doubles as a straw and napkin holder, making it multi-purpose for food and beverage establishments. There is also an option to include a configurable top, which can be customized to fit the specific needs of the establishment.

“Businesses love the Charging Caddy because it adds so much value to their establishment,” Romanenko continues. “Customers tend to stay longer if their devices are charging, which means the opportunity for additional revenue. The Caddy also adds a level of convenience to dining, particularly with this generation’s affinity for their cell phones.”

Depending on the base size and usage levels, the Caddy takes anywhere from four to eight hours to charge fully. When purchased, a water resistant power supply is included with each Caddy, thus allowing each base to be charged whenever needed and quickly returned to use at the customers’ tables.

“The early signs indicate that our clients really see the value in this new product. Our goal at Ohming Technology is to make sure we’re responding to how people live today. Mobile devices are an intricate part of so many people’s lives and finding ways to keep these devices charged is always a challenge. We feel like we’ve taken another step to addressing this challenge with the Charging Caddy.”

The Charge M.E, a portable charger able to charge both new and legacy cell phones, is the primary product of Ohming Technology. More information about Ohming Technology and its Charge M.E. and the Charging Caddy can be found at www.Ohming.com.

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Paul Romanenko

Paul Romanenko

Paul Romanenko is CEO of Ohming Technology LLC. His entrepreneurial spirit utilizes his technology and customer service background to create devices which complement the use of modern technology.Paul’s innovative products have led him to file several patents with the United States Patent Office. Their unique features allow for mobile devices such as tablets, smart phones, and other items utilizing USB power to charge their battery without the use of additional software. Paul’s device can also be used as a powered USB hub while simultaneously charging via dedicated power ports.His vision to change the landscape of where technology is used is not only Paul’s passion but the driving force behind Ohming Technology.