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USB Charging Station for Multiple Devices

USB Charging Station for Multiple DevicesIt’s not a huge stretch to say that today, every business is a service business. Consumers now have so many options and are so in tune with what they expect, the product becomes just a part of their overall experience with the brand, and in many instances may not even be the deciding factor. So when we went about developing the Charge M.E. here at Ohming Technology, we did so with the end user experience in mind and the aim to create a product that is both completely effective and also offers multiple options for its users.

Charger M.E. Adaptable to Multiple Devices

When thinking of creating a charging station, the first thing that comes to mind is what type of devices can be charged. With the Charge M.E., there is no question. Ohming Technology has created a USB charger with multiple ports that are able to connect any mobile device; that includes both the latest models and legacy devices.

So think all of your iPads, iPhones, Kindles, iPods, BlackBerries, and Androids; the Charge M.E. charges all of these mobile devices simultaneously. That means you can leave all your wall chargers and backup batteries at home and take the charge with you on the road. Or if you’re a business owner looking to add to the experience of your clients or employees, you can post the Charge M.E. as a USB charging station equipped for multiple devices.

Used more formally, the Charge M.E. cuts back on the need for multiple outlets and allows for external devices such as printers, mice, or keyboards to be hooked up to one source. This saves on electric costs and makes use of these external devices more efficient.

A Better Product

What Ohming Technology has done is create a better product. The Charge M.E. has eight USB ports capable of charging any device. It’s compact enough to carry anywhere, yet powerful enough to be utilized as a charging station for multiple devices from cell phones to printers. Looking for a device that is suitable for multi-use? Then the Charge M.E. is the best product for the cost. To learn more, contact us today!